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"A few years ago I was struggling with chronic low-level anxiety, and a counselor recommended I try a form of yoga that focused on breathing and stretching. Despite being a longtime resident of Cambridge, I had never before rolled out a mat and was skeptical it would help much, but figured it was worth a shot. In hindsight, I can’t believe my great good fortune that the very first class I found was Nora’s Gentle Yoga. While initially I was self-conscious about my utter inexperience, Nora quickly set me at ease with her clear guidance, kind manner, and deeply compassionate nature. She has a respectful and intuitive manner of leading a class that may range the gamut from beginners to advanced practitioners in a way that lets everyone follow at his or her own pace, absolutely free of either internal or external judgment. In addition to guiding her students in truly restorative poses and beautiful, calming meditations, Nora also offers various thoughtful gestures — what I think of as grace notes — to her students: reading aloud an inspirational passage, or quietly bringing us props for our comfort, or concluding our final relaxation with a brief and profoundly lovely melody. And before we go we are always given one last caring offer of tea and even the occasional seasonal treat. Nora conveys a quiet but steady sense that her priority for her students is that we are well served by our time in class, and ideally that we will be able to bring this well-being to ourselves and to the world long after we leave the mat." -L.R. (Shama Yoga Student)

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