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Children's yoga classes help kids tune into their natural rhythms and balance their energy. Each class includes storytelling, games, and nature play with yoga asana practice, creating a fun hour of yoga play! 

Adult classes incorporate breathing exercises, mindfulness, asanas, and a guided relaxation with rich visualizations. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and move at their own pace. 

Adult and children classes often include seasonal themes, songs, and poetry. 
Current Class Schedule:

The Arlington Center located at 369 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, 
Occasional family workshops
The Loved Child located at 173 Belmont Street, Belmont
Tuesday 3:30pm Preschool Yoga (3-5 yrs)
Wednesday 11am Toddler Yoga with Caregiver

Wonder Yoga located at 1305 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington -
Wednesday 3-3:30 Children's Yoga Class (4-8 yrs)
                   3:45-4:30 Children's Yoga Class (9-13 yrs)

YMCA - North Suburban in Woburn
Tuesday 10:30-11:30 Adult Class - Gentle Yoga
Friday 11-12 Adult Class - Gentle Yoga
Nora is also available for individual and small group classes.
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