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Chair Massage
Try a chair massage! Sentient Light Bodyworks, Nora Dybdal, LMT, CYT, massage therapist
We have had Lyn and Nora come to our College as part of our Stress Free Week for the past 4 years. These wonderful women are a joy to work with. They are flexible when scheduling as well as very accommodating. They ensure that they see every individual who would like to receive a massage. Our students always look forward to them visiting the College and often request them to come “every week.” Lyn and Nora’s commitment, dedication and professionalism is outstanding and I always look forward to working with them throughout the year!
-Kristen Dvorsky
Assistant Director for Student Activities at Fisher College
Lilian Otterson and Nora Dybdal have teamed up to bring you Enhance Your Day Chair Massage. We are delighted to offer a mobile chair massage service that conveniently brings the therapeutic benefits of massage to you!
Chair Massage at Work-
We offer an onsite solution for muscles and mind! Most of us work in jobs which require us to perform certain tasks over and over. For some it is heavy lifting, for others it is simple repetitive movement like typing, answering phones, picking up children, and driving. All of which can cause injury or stress in muscles and joints. And, of course, there is the emotional/mental stress of a job which can take its toll.
Let us introduce an effective and enjoyable way to relieve the stress of work. Increase productivity, improve overall morale, reduce job-related accidents by offering your employees (and yourself!) this beneficial treatment of a 10-15 minute chair massage. What a great way to spend a coffee break!
Chair Massage at Parties-
Add an exciting activity at your parties and events! Offer this treat at bridal and baby showers, set the tone for the bride and bridal party before the big event,  provide a treat for adults at a children's birthday party, holiday parties..etc! Wherever a group needs relaxation and rejuvination!
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